To provide you with more choices and better value, we developed the following packages and programs. These packages are designed to provide you with substantial, customized, VIP service for you and yours.  Start your program to get your hair into the best shape and reserve one of our exclusive packages today.



TRANSFORM: 90 Day Hair Training Program


Extraordinary hair has no limits.  Extend your hair potential with this 90 day program designed to transform your strands to optimal health. Want to see your hair fullest potential?  To kick start and fast track your hair to it's fullest potential, you'll need a game plan.




First visit: The Jump Start:


This visit sets the foundation of building optimally healthy hair.  This ONE-on-One session begins with a consultation with your hair coach to discuss your current hair regimen/practices, assess the conditions of your scalp and hair, and chat about your hair goals and lifestyle. This experience includes a detox to remove anything that could be blocking your hair from greatness, and to prep the hair to receive all of the goodness from the treatments that follow.  An Olaplex service followed by a custom treatment to address your needs will rebuild your disulfide bonds from within to bring life back to your hair.  Concludes with shaping the hair, style as determined in the consultation, not to exceed 1 hour.  Also includes a personalized prescription, hands-on styling lesson, and home hair regimen.  

Book Now. Jump Start


First 10 - 30 Days: Go Hard


As with any training, hardcore dedication and consistency pays off.  Sporadic exercise is a waste of energy because it is not helping.  Also, exercising improperly can be damaging.   Hair isn't any different.  Continue your momentum with your prescribed at home regimen, as prescribed in your Jump Start session.  If you shampoo your hair at home, attend the Caring For Texture class within the next 30 days because you want to set your self up for success.  Most people don't know how to or think they know how to properly handle hair.   So, taking the class will be of great value.  You're not going to see results if you continue to do what you've always been doing at home.  Don't want the hassle of managing your hair at home?  Fear not!  The Complete 90 Day Hair Training Program, or a Monthly Hair Care Plan will be of great value to you, given the free services included.

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