Can I just come in or do I have to make an appointment?
To maintain the flow of clients, we are unable accept walk-ins.  Services are by appointment only.   Last minute appointment requests and walk-in/ same day requests are not taken.  Last minute appointment requests are not considered making an appointment.   An appointment must be made ONLINE to ensure we can accommodate your needs and reduce wait time for you and pre-reserved clients.

How should I schedule an appointment?
ALL APPOINTMENTS ARE BOOKED ONLINE.  On the Homepage, click on the "Schedule Appointment" button, select desired services, and select an available date and time.  You will receive a confirmation email that may include details on how to prepare for your appointment, and an email reminding you of your appointment details.  There is no need to call to confirm your appointment, as they are confirmed automatically.  If you didn't receive a confirmation email, check your appointment details to see if you have entered the correct email address or check your spam.  
The booking link is : https://AyannaTheHairCoach.as.me/

Can I bring a picture of what I want?
Guests are always encouraged to bring pictures.  Pictures showing haircut, curl size, color, or style are a great communication tool.  Anything that can help us give you exactly what you want is highly recommended!

May I use a cell phone during my visit?
Using a cell phone can cause styling to be not as accurate as intended.  Also, be considerate of other clients by lowering the volume on your ringer and keeping a low voice.  Also keep in mind that phone usage and a moving head produces undesired service outcomes and increased service time.  For example, if a curl happens to drop looser or isn't symmetrical, the only person liable is you, as a result of your cell phone use and clients that are scheduled after you should not be affected as a result of recurling your hair. multiple time.  Be considerate.  Thanks for understanding.



For your benefit and in compliance with Federal, State, and local health laws, NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS are accepted on anything that is worn on the head. Once the item has left our possession and have been used on a person, we cannot sell it to another customer. All clients that request orders from Ayanna are also stating by their request and emailed receipt, complete compliance and agreement of all contained terms and also agree (due to the volatile nature of this industry) that refunds are refunded in the form of replacement or store credit. We do not offer any form of a refund on personal hygiene products that have been worn/used. Confirmation emails are sent when we receive payment of your order.

  • Upon receipt of order, customer is responsible for proper inspection of merchandise. Ayanna will gladly exchange or replace merchandise that is defective or does not match description as long as it is returned within 5 days.
  • Returns of non-defective items will be assessed with a 15% restocking fee. Shipping will not be refunded. After 5 days of receipt of order, the sale is final. Altered merchandise is NOT eligible for refund or replacement.

Additionally: If you charge back Ayanna for your authorized order, you will be levied with a fee for processing, the amount of your charge back, plus $20 for each occurrence of the bank fee caused by your charge back. Chargeback for personal hygiene products for any reason should not be initiated as it is not safe or healthy to accept anything that have been worn on the head.

Chargeback rebuttals require at least 3 days of preparation, mailing, fax costs, and can damage Ayanna's good standings with merchant accounts.  If we lose the rebuttal, we will sue you to recover our loss. This suit will also include attorney's fees and you will be required to appear in court.  If you lose, your judgment will be sold, as well as add you to the Internet charge back database, affecting your credit rating until your judgment is satisfied.  Furthermore, if you file a chargeback claiming fraud and we can prove otherwise, we will also file criminal charges against you.  A simple phone call is all that is required if you have an issue, especially fraud. The phone number to call is 202-375-3781.


We reserve the right to terminate a customer's relationship for any reason. Here are some examples of what may result in termination:

Submitting a chargeback for items that you clearly ordered, and accepted upon inspection.

Ordering items, wearing and then using said items and then forcibly returning them without even speaking with anyone at Ayanna.

Service Agreement to all services that are provided by Ayanna

This agreement applies to all personal hygiene services and products provided by Ayanna. Ayanna reserves the right to modify or change such policies as needed. Any rights herein granted cannot be transferred, shared, sold or used by anyone other than the Client. Client agrees to compensate Ayanna for any cost including but not limited to legal fees, court cost or any other expense paid in attempting to collect debts owed to Ayanna. If any term in this agreement is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable, then this agreement, including all the remaining terms will remain in full force and effect as if such invalid or unenforceable term had never been included. This agreement shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the District of Columbia. This agreement supersedes any written, electronic, or oral communication or agreement.

All clients that request services and/or personal hygiene products from Ayanna are also stating by their request complete compliance and agreement of all contained terms and also agree (due to the volatile nature of this industry) that we do not offer any form of a refund for personal hygiene products. Furthermore, you agree that you indemnify Ayanna for any or all issues that may arise from this relationship. You agree to take all responsibility and risk involved in your involvement with ordering personal hygiene products and/or services.



When you book an appointment, that time is set aside just for you.  Typically, a minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required if you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment.  Instead, we'll give a little more leniency.  A minimum of 18 hours' notice is required if you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment.


If a cancellation is made with more than 18 hours notice you will not be charged. 

  • If you wish to reschedule, you can reschedule online.  Your deposit will apply to your future scheduled appointment.
  • If a cancellation is made with less than 18 hours’ notice, the deposit is forfeited as a late cancellation fee.
  • For same day cancellations, 50% of scheduled services will be charged to the credit card on file. 
  • No call or no-show- the deposit is forfeited as a no-show fee, 50% of the service will be charged to your card on file and you may not make any future appointments. 
  • Cancellations within the hour of scheduled appointment will be handled as a no-show, but are still able to make future appointments.



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